Our Lady’s Nursery Announcement

We are very sad to have to announce the closure of the Nursery at the end of this summer term.

Our Lady’s Nursery has always been a much-loved feature of our parish community and we take great pride in the wonderful work done by all the staff in giving our children the very best start in education. However, in recent years the patterns of family life have gradually changed, with more and more parents having to return to work during their children’s pre-school years and therefore needing all-day nursery provision, which Our Lady’s Nursery has not been able to provide.

We have done everything we can to adapt to the evolving needs of our families. (The parish has also waived rent due both this year and last year.) Unfortunately, these steps have not been sufficient to achieve viability, while the Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly hampered our efforts to reach new families.

The decision to close is no reflection on the work of either our manager, Amy (and Jo, before her) or our staff – all of whom always cheerfully and willingly go above and beyond the call of duty.

All are determined to ensure that this last half-term is as rich and fun-filled an experience as possible. We know that the children will always remember the love and care they received at Our Lady’s Nursery (like so many generations before them).

There will always be a warm welcome for them here at Our Lady of Lourdes parish. And we shall continue to seek ways to support parents in their task of raising their offspring.

Fr Rob

Father Rob Esdaile – Parish Priest