All About Us

Outstanding_Colour_EYThe Nursery is here to provide high quality childcare and education in an environment that is safe, secure and stimulating, where learning takes place through play, where everyone receives individual attention and is treated with respect. We aim to provide through example, the moral and religious beliefs of the Catholic faith in a secure, caring and happy environment.

We are an OFSTED registered nursery offering a nursery education for children between the ages of two and a half and five years. We operate on weekdays from 9.10am to 12.25pm, during term time.

We place a strong emphasis on the desire to help all children reach their individual potential. Our planning and str
ucture wholly support and reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Every Child Matters agenda, ensuring that the individual child and their family are at the centre of all learning and development.

Children learn best when they are happy, comfortable, relaxed and playing. Delivering the curriculum while the children are engaged in play helps foster a genuine curiosity and love of learning. All play is conducted in a safe, child-centred environment under the guidance of trained practitioners who are sympathetic to the care, educational and security needs of the children.