Inclusion Policy


Our Nursery aims to promote equality of opportunity for all children in our care including support for children with special educational needs and disability (SEND). We acknowledge children’s individuality and promote and value diversity and differences. We understand that it is important for all children to feel good about themselves and also learn to respect others.

  • Children with disabilities, like all other children, are admitted to the nursery after consultation between parents, managers and key-persons.
  • Our aim is to provide for the developmental needs of each child in the nursery.
  • All children in the nursery, irrespective of their disabilities, are encouraged to participate in all the group’s activities. This is achieved through the differentiation of activities and environment, wherever possible and appropriate.
  • If additional resources are required, they will be sought through Surrey Early Years and Childcare Service.
  • Our system of observation and record keeping, which operates in partnership with parents, and any other professionals involved with the family, enables us to monitor children’s interests, needs and progress on an individual basis.
  • Our key-person system ensures that practitioners are responsible for observing and monitoring a small number of children on a regular basis, again ensuring that children’s progress can be assessed and monitored.
  • To ensure that our practice is inclusive we will use the services of REMA (Race and Ethnic Minority Achievement) to help us support children and their families with EAL (English as an additional language).

Our staff regularly attend training courses to make sure they are kept up to date with information and current legislation. All staff attend safeguarding and child protection refresher courses every three years and our designated safeguarding lead (DSL) attends a refresher course every two years. This ensures all children are kept safe and their welfare promoted.


The nursery’s special educational needs coordinator is Fiona Morrissey. We adhere to the SEND Code of Practice 2014 for the identification and assessment of special educational needs.

All practitioners will consult children with SENDCO to ensure their needs are met.

ISP’s (individual support plans) will be produced using information from key persons, other nursery practitioners, outside agencies including speech and language therapists, child psychologists and pediatricians, to meet children’s specific needs.

If a parent has a complaint about any aspect of the nursery provisions please refer to our Complaints Procedure Policy.


This policy was adopted on March 1997

Updated/reviewed August 2018

Manager J Nolan-Davies