Nappy Changing Policy

All children are welcome at Our Lady’s Nursery whether they are toilet trained or not.

So that nappy changing/toilet training procedures are consistent between home and setting we ask parents/carers inform their key person of their child’s needs or record the information on their child’s ‘All about Me’ form or ‘Background Information’ form if appropriate.

Parents are required to supply the nursery with all their child’s necessary items e.g. Nappies, pull -ups, wipes, creams, nappy sacks etc. in a named bag.

Parents will be informed at the end of a session if their child has been changed or how toilet training is progressing.

All staff are responsible for nappy changing and toilet training and key persons will care for their key children whenever possible.

  • Adult to gather named bag.
  • Adult to put on disposable gloves.
  • Child placed on changing mat, situated on the bathroom floor.
  • Clothing and nappy removed and nappy placed in a nappy sack.
  • Any soiled clothes will be placed in a separate nappy sack and placed in the named bag to be sent home.
  • Child will be cleaned from front to back and used wipes will be placed in the nappy sack. Remove gloves and place in the nappy sack then tie the nappy sack.
  • Dress the child and help them to wash  their hands with liquid soap, warm water and paper towels.
  • Adult to wash his or her own hands following the same procedure as above.
  • Child is returned to the nursery rooms.
  • Adult returns to nappy changing mat to clean it with anti-bacterial spray and paper towels.
  • Adult to place nappy sacks outside Rainbow Room exit to be disposed of into outside bins at the end of the session.
  • Adult to wash hands with liquid soap, warm water and dry with paper towels.
  • Adult to record details on the ‘nappy changing and toileting assistance’ sheet located in the bathroom.

This policy was adopted on 12th February 2014.

Updated/ Reviewed August 18

Manager J Nolan-Davies