Safety Policy

The safety of young children is of paramount importance.  In order to ensure the safety of both children and adults, the nursery will ensure safety in the following areas:

Safety checks on premises, both outdoors and indoors, will be made before every day/session.

If the main entrance has to be locked, there will be a key close by at adult level.

Low-level glass will be covered or replaced by safety glass.

Outdoor space will be securely fenced.

Equipment will be checked regularly and any dangerous items repaired/discarded.

The layout and space ratios will allow children and adults to move safely and freely between activities.

There will be adequate systems and equipment for the detection and control of fire.

Fire doors will never be obstructed and fire exits will be easily identifiable.

A record will be kept of any checks by the Fire Safety Officer and also of fire drills and servicing of fire safety equipment.  Any recommendations by the Fire Safety Officer will be carried out.

Fires/heaters/electric points/wires and leads will be adequately guarded.

All dangerous materials, including medicines and cleaning materials, will be stored out of reach of children.

Large equipment will be erected with care and checked regularly.

Portable electrical appliances are checked and tested annually.

Equipment offered to children will be developmentally appropriate, recognising that materials suitable for an older child may pose a risk to younger/less mature children.

Internal safety gates/barriers will be used as necessary.


All children will be supervised by adults at all times and will always be within sight of an adult.

Children will leave the group only with authorised adults.

Children will not have unsupervised access to kitchens, cookers or any cupboards storing hazardous materials including matches.

On outings, the adult : child ratio will be at least one to two.

If a small group goes out, there will be sufficient adults to maintain appropriate ratios for staff and children remaining on the premises.

Whenever children are on the premises at least two adults will be present.

Children who are sleeping will be checked regularly.

Adult safety

All adults in the group, both staff and visitors, will be aware of and respect the group’s safety policies.

Adults in the group will have access to advice on safe lifting.

If adults need to reach up for stored equipment, they will be provided with something safe to stand on.  Heavy materials will not be stored above head height.

Adults will not be required to be in the building alone or to leave alone after dark.


We will notify OFSTED of any serious accident, illness or injury to, or death of, any child in our care and of the action taken in respect of it within 14 days of the incident occurring.

An ‘Accident book’ will be available at each session for the reporting of any accident or injury.

Regular safety monitoring will include checking of the Accident Book as a basis for risk assessment.

All adults, including parents and other carers, will be aware of the system(s) in operation for children’s arrivals and departures and an adult will be at the door during these periods.

Fire drills will be held at least twice a term.

A register of both adults and children will be completed as people arrive and leave so that a complete record of all those present is available in any emergency.

Our Lady’s Nursery is a non-smoking (including e-cigarettes) environment both inside and out.

A correctly stocked first aid box will be available at all times.

Fire extinguishers will be checked annually and staff will know how to use them.

Special considerations

Some areas and activities pose particular hazards.  All staff will be aware of these:

  •  Children playing with or near water will be continuously supervised.
  •  There will be safe surfaces beneath and around all climbing equipment and such activities will be appropriately supervised.
  • All cooking activities involving the use of heat will be continuously supervised. Children will not be allowed in the kitchen for any other purpose.
  • In shared premises, stored equipment belonging to other organisations will be checked for potential hazards.
  • Systems will be in place to ensure that children are not at risk from swinging doors.
  • Systems will be in place to ensure that no child can leave the premises unattended.

If a person has a complaint about any aspect of the nursery provision, please refer to our Complaints Procedure Policy.


This policy was adopted on                 March 1997

Reviewed & Updated                          August 2018

Manager J Nolan-Davies