Staffing & Employment

Our Lady’s Nursery is established to comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory requirements.

In the Nursery:

  • Our key person system ensures each child and family has one named staff member who takes a special interest in them.
  • We have at least one member of staff to each eight children of three years and older, and one member of staff to each four children of two and a half to three years.
  • Regular staff meetings provide opportunities for staff to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss the children’s progress and any specific needs.
  • We work towards an equal opportunities employment policy, seeking to offer job opportunities equally to both women and men, with and without disabilities, from all religious, social, ethnic and cultural groups.

Staff training meets all regulatory requirements. In addition we aim to ensure that at least half of our staff hold the C A C H E – Level 3 or an equivalent qualification, and all staff hold or are working towards qualifications appropriate for their position in the group.

We will ensure that all staff will keep up to date with safeguarding training , this includes:

  • Working together to safeguard children, then
  • Safeguarding children refresher every 3 years
  • Surrey Safeguarding Children Board; e learning Prevent & FGM

We will ensure that both the Designated safeguarding lead and Deputy Safeguarding lead will complete all necessary additional training.

All staff are required to clarify and provided documentation from their doctor if the medication that they have been prescribed will impair their ability to look after children properly. The nursery manager must ensure that this takes place. Staff medication on the premises must be securely stored at all times.

This policy was adopted on March 1997

Reviewed and updated August 2018

Manager J Nolan-Davies