Dear Parents and Carers

We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday.

We wish all last year’s Dolphin children well in their new reception classes, and we extend that wish to all last years Rainbow children, we hope they have a fun and exciting year as our new Dolphins.


This term we would like to welcome Nate, Maksy, Lily-Rose, Bella, Cara, Elodie, and Grace. Mayawee and Grace G. will join the Rainbow group after Christmas.


9th September – 25th October – 7 weeks

28th October – 1st November – HALF TERM

4th November– 13th December – 6 Weeks


Spring Term 2020 Starts 13th January 2020


Tuesday 10th December – Children’s Nativity 11.00am in the Church Hall.

Thursday 12th December – Children’s Party with Mr Bungle.  All children invited to attend.


This term we will be celebrating Harvest Festival, Diwali and Christmas. To help the children settle into the Nursery we will be providing activities based around ‘My Family’ and ‘All About Me’.

Last year we encouraged all children to bring in a photo of themselves with their dad.

This was very successful and our display of dads with the children became a great talking point.  We would like to repeat this again this year and we ask that you send in 1 photo that we can keep in Nursery for our display.  We need to fit 30 pictures on the display so a standard(ish) size photo would be great.

When we celebrate Harvest Festival each child is invited to contribute one non-perishable food item to our harvest box, which will be donated to the St Paul’s School charity for distribution (more details nearer the time).

‘Letter of the week’ will start in a couple of weeks’ time, when the children will be encouraged to bring in an item from home beginning with that particular week’s letter sound e.g. A dinosaur for letter sound D. Please name the item and place it in the ‘Topic Box’; the large basket under the table as you enter the nursery. The children will talk about their item with the other children at ‘circle time’. We will be looking at the alphabet, focusing on the ‘Letter and Sounds’ guidelines from the Department for Education.

Does your family speak another language at home? If so we would be very grateful if you could make some signs and numbers for us to display around the nursery e.g. welcome, door, cupboard, toilet, window, computer etc.

If you or a member of your family would like to come into Nursery to take part in our activities or to share your skills and talents with us, please speak to a member of staff.


Due to space restrictions and the safety of all our children, baby buggies are not permitted inside nursery. Please leave your buggy in the waiting area and carry younger siblings.

For the children’s own safety, throughout the year, we also request that they come to nursery wearing enclosed shoes only, as we run and climb on a regular basis.

Please ensure you tell us if you have moved address so we can update the child’s contact details.


The children are encouraged to bring in a piece of fruit or raw vegetables two to three times a week, to share with each other at snack time. Throughout the session we offer the children water or milk to drink.  

If your child is not ready to use a cup you may supply your child with their own named, closed top- beaker if this is preferable.

Unfortunately, due to various dietary and allergy requirements we cannot allow any sort of celebration cakes to be brought into nursery from home. We will bake a cake with the children to celebrate each child’s birthday; this cake will be eaten during the session as part of the snack time routine. If you wish to provide cake decorations and candles, please have a chat with your child’s key person. We do have a no nut policy, so please ensure that you do not bring any products containing nuts into the nursery. Please note: Nursery staff are unable to distribute personal party invitations during session time. Invitations may be distributed in the waiting area by parents/carers.


WOW vouchers are available each day for you to tell us the wonderful things your children are doing outside nursery. WOW vouchers are read at the end of each morning, much to the children’s delight.  However, they are also very valuable to the staff, as they are used to inform planning.  The information on the WOW voucher allows us to plan activities in accordance with the child’s interests and level of development.  So please keep them coming as they are used on an ongoing basis.


Please return your child’s profile to nursery as soon as possible. There is space on the front page of the report for you to provide feedback on the report, along with information regarding your child’s current interests. This information is really helpful to us and supports our parent partnership so please fill this in before returning the folder. We also ask that all reports are signed at the foot of the 2nd page, prior to their return. 

Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with their Key Person at a mutually convenient time after nursery. Please speak to your Key Person to make an appointment.


All items of clothing or toys that the children bring into Nursery MUST BE NAMED. Any unnamed items will be placed in the going home box for parents to collect at the end of the session. The Nursery cannot be held responsible for any lost or missing items. Please ensure very small items are not brought into Nursery as these can cause a choking hazard, and are also easily lost amongst the Nursery toys.

Having the children’s outdoor clothing named helps us to dress the children more efficiently; it’s a very lengthy process trying to match children to coats, gloves and scarves etc.

To assist the children in their toileting may we request that they are not brought into Nursery wearing clothing with belts, braces or stiff buttons; difficult clothing hinders those emergency dashes to the loo! Elasticated waists are the easiest item of clothing for the children to cope with in an emergency.

The children are very good at knowing which bag belongs to them, however if a member of staff needs to collect a bag without the child with them, it is very difficult to know which bag belongs to which child. To assist us in the care of your child we request that each child is provided with a NAMED BAG containing an adequate amount of spare clothes for little accidents, nappies (if appropriate), wet wipes and nappy bags. As we go outdoors in all weathers we kindly ask if you can ensure your child brings a coat to nursery, especially with the colder months approaching.


In keeping with our Health and Hygiene Policy parents are requested to keep their children at home if they have had a bout of vomiting / diarrhea or any infection until 48 hours have elapsed since the last attack, before returning to nursery. This will help to prevent any unnecessary spreading of infections and viruses. 

If your child is going to be unexpectedly absent from Nursery please call us on the first day of absence on the Nursery land line 0208 398 7475 and each subsequent day of absence.


As we use a tremendous amount of tissues, especially this term, we ask if each family could donate one box of tissues each term.


To support the home learning environment, we have put up a list of useful websites on the parent’s noticeboard.  If you would like me to send these to you in an e mail, please let me know.

But whilst we’re on the subject here is another one for you. This link is taken from Surrey County Council’s ‘Every Child a Talker’ initiative

Many thanks for all your support.

The Nursery Team.