Newsletter Summer Term 2019

NEWSLETTER                                                                           SUMMER TERM 2019

Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you very much for our lovely Easter gifts and cards, they were much appreciated.

Appreciation is also given for the wonderful donations of filled backpacks.  We have received a thank you letter and certificate from Mary’s Meals charity, the backpacks will be a wonderful gift to the children that receive them. A copy of the letter and the certificate will be on display on the parents notice board.  A copy has also been scanned and attached to this newsletter.



29th April – 24th May – 4 weeks

28th May –  1st June – HALF TERM

 3rd June – 12th July – 6 weeks


The term dates for the next academic year can be found at the end of this newsletter.


We ask that all parents/carers make the most of books in the church foyer, during your morning waiting time, as there are often people in the church for Morning Prayer, and the noise levels in the foyer can very quickly escalate. It is worth pointing out that as the mornings become warmer, you have the option to use the nursery garden.


This term we will continue with our letter sound of the week. Starting in week 1 with the letter sound ‘s’.  Please encourage your child to bring in an item from home that starts with the letter sound. They can then show the item to the rest of the group at circle time. This activity not only supports their learning, this also supports development of self confidence and self esteem.

In addition to embracing the childrens individual interests, we will be welcoming our ‘Living Eggs’. The children will be able to experience life cycles, growth and development; the ‘Living Eggs’ programme also encourages social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills. Embryo eggs are provided, 2-3 days from hatching. The Living Eggs incubators are specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensures accurate temperature control for a high hatch rate. The large viewing windows allow the children to see all stages of hatching.  A brooder box complete with heat light, bedding, feed and waterer is supplied which allows staff and children easy observation and access to the chicks.

The chicks will be with us for 2 weeks, they are then collected and taken to roam freely around a local farm. If any families wish to keep any of the chicks, arrangements can be made for them to do so. Just speak to Jo or your child’s key person.

We will also be looking at the life cycle of plant our vegetables and flowers outside in the nursery garden so the children can observe growth over time. Mrs. McCabe will provide 2 visiting tortoise for the children to observe.

In the second half of the term we will be concentrating our focus on the preparation for transitions for all children, the Dolphin children for the transition to school and the Rainbow children for transition to becoming Dolphin children. We will be celebrating the religious festivals of Pentecost and Eid with age appropriate activities.


All staff are currently undertaking First Aid training, and we thought Child Safety week would be a good time to share some of our skills with the children. We will be helping them to learn how to make an emergency telephone call, and to put someone into the recovery position.

To support our parent partnership, we have provided the link to the Child Safety week parents pack.


In the 2nd half of this term we will put a set of Oxford Reading Tree books in the foyer, for the Dolphin children to enjoy and share at home with their family, in preparation for going to school. Each book will be kept in a plastic wallet and can be exchanged at the end of each session. Please record your details on the slip inside each book when you borrow them.


Please return your child’s profile to nursery as soon as possible with any comments and updated information you would like to include. We also politely remind you to sign the last page of the written report. Parents are always welcome to discuss their child’s progress with their Key Person at a mutually convenient time after nursery. Please speak to your Key Person to make an appointment.


This year Surrey County Council Early Years Team are encouraging all pre school settings to adopt a uniform approach to the paperwork sent to follow on schools. With this in mind they have introduced the “Early Years Passport”.   This approach will result in a collaborative one-page report written by parents and the nursery. This report along with the child’s progress tracker will be the only paperwork sent to follow on schools.

The one-page report will be sent out to all parents who have a child starting school in September 2019. You will be asked to complete the report and return it to the nursery for us to add our comments.  We are supportive of this system, as we feel it will provide the schools with a clear picture of who your child is and how they can best support them, we really look forward to working together with you on this.

The report will be sent to you in an email from the nursery with some guidelines for completion. 


The key for the nursery garden will be available from staff prior to nursery opening. The garden is for the use of nursery children only. Parents /carers are responsible for their children during their time in the garden. Please tidy away any equipment after use.  


For the children’s own safety, we request that they come to nursery wearing enclosed shoes only (no flip flops or open toe sandals).

All children must attend nursery with appropriate outdoor clothing as we try to access the garden everyday regardless of the weather. Having the children’s outdoor clothing named helps us to dress the children more efficiently; it’s a very lengthy process trying to match children to coats, cardigans, jumpers and sun hats etc. This takes away precious time they could have playing outside. A set of named spare clothing, in a named bag, would be appreciated for all children.

All items of clothing or toys that the children bring into nursery must be named. Any unnamed items will be placed in the going home box for parents to collect at the end of the session. The nursery cannot be held responsible for any lost or missing items.

Once the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine, children will need to wear sun cream. It is recommended that sun cream be applied at home before coming to nursery. We are happy to reapply sun cream if we have your written permission. Supplies of sun cream must be clearly named.


If you move house or change telephone, email addresses or mobile phone numbers please keep us informed.


If your child is sick and will not be attending their sessions at nursery, please call the nursery on 0208 398 7475 on each day of absence. If you are arranging a pre-planned day of absence or taking a holiday, please can you inform nursery by letter or email.


To help us organise the allocation of nursery sessions, for September we ask that you please complete the section on the last page of this newsletter

There is also a section for you to complete to formally notify us as to which School your child will be moving onto.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

The Nursery Team.



  • We/I do require a place for September 2019

           The attendance days we/I would prefer are

Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday          Thursday         Friday

  • My Child will not be returning in September 2019. We have accepted a place at

           …………………………………………………………… (Name of School/Setting)



Nursery Term Dates 2019- 2020


9th September – 25th October – 7 weeks

28th October – 1st November – HALF TERM

4th November – 13th December – 6 Weeks



13th January – 14th February – 5 weeks

17th February -21st February – HALF TERM

24th February – 3rd April – 6 weeks



27th April – 22nd May – 4 weeks

25th May –  29th May – HALF TERM

 1st June – 10th July – 6 weeks SUMMER HOLIDAYS.