Outstanding_Colour_EY‘What an amazing nursery you have created and thank you for all your hard work you put in. My daughter has asked everyday if she can go to nursery”.        H.W

“You are all fantastic, nurturing, experienced,  and above all fun teachers. I have never met a child who doesn’t adore attending. Well done everyone and thank you for all your hard work”.  G.S

“We have been so impressed and happy that our child has had the fortune to go to the nursery. Seeing her so happy and full of news every day when she comes home fills us with joy”. C.W

“Our lady of Lourdes nursery is very unique in so many ways and as most of you know I have experienced my share of Nurseries with my four other children”.  CMV

“You all work very hard for all our kids and what you have created in Our Lady’s is something very special and unique unlike other nurseries”. E.N

“I feel immensely grateful to have my daughter in such an amazing nurturing environment. I continue to be amazed by her progress and am very proud of the person I see her becoming under your care and guidance”. S.H

“My kids have flourished in your care”. T.E

“Having seen and been to quite a few nurseries in the past with my other children, I can honestly say that Our Lady’s nursery is a very special place and one of the best around.I feel very lucky sending my daughter and allowing her to flourish in your care”. N.D

“I am so lucky to have you all as part of my child’s life, I am constantly amazed at all the hard work and commitment  that goes into creating such a wonderful nurturing environment for the children to develop vital skills and creative imaginations. Thank you so much”.  M.K

 “OLN is especially unique in how it harvests the imagination of the children.  The care, planning and thought that goes into your daily activities is truly impressive”.  A.McG
 “Both of our kids  have so obviously benefitted from the care, fun, education, & all round loveliness of your wonderful nursery”.  Mr & Mrs F
 “We will miss the nursery very much our child has thrived in your care”.  A.E